Common Home Buying Mistakes That Will Cost You a Fortune


Buying a home is among some of the most crucial decisions that you make during your lifetime. There are several things that are needed to be taken care of including the community where you want to live, the annual household income and expenditures of your family, the mortgage on the new house etc. It is only the blend of several different aspects that you are able to buy a house without messing anything up.

Unfortunately, many people don’t understand this. We went through some of the most costly mistakes people make while buying a house. Following is the list we came up.

Don’t make an Uninformed Bid

A very big mistake many people make while buying a house is that they bid with their eyes closed. Not knowing the market prices, the price range of the houses in the community, or that  of a certain type of property can lead to over bidding of the property you are willing to buy. In a worst case scenario, over pricing can cost you tens of thousands of dollars.

Stick to Your Pockets

It is quite common for people to route for a house that does not compliment their pockets in any way. Buying such a house without thinking long term can lead to great financial problems in the future including massive debts. You might even have to sell such a house due to lack of affordability.

Count Additional Expenses

While buying a dream house, people often forget to count the additional expenses that come along with the house. These might be in the form of property tax, home insurance, certain irregular maintenance costs etc. Not counting expenses like these can lead to budget upsets in the future.

Don’t Get Carried Away

This is a quite common while making a house-buying decision. People get carried away in excitement and this is exactly what sellers try to do since it is the exact moment when you are most vulnerable and don’t think straight. The seller might show you a fancy thousand dollar upgrade and demand and extra ten thousand for it.

Therefore it is better if you first find the market value of a certain added feature rather than finalizing your bid right away. Alternately, you can also look for houses that are initially plain and offer you the space and freedom to add value to them after purchase.

Relying completely on an Agent

Although most state agents make it their ethical responsibility to give you a fair opinion, others might want to rip you off. While you listen to their expert opinion, you must also undergo your own research to end up with a better house at a fairer price.

Plan for the Future

If you are buying a house, you plan on living in it probably for the rest of your life. Therefore it is important to bear in mind the future family planning: The number of kids you plan to have, the number of rooms required when those children grow up etc.

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How to make the most of Unclaimed Money in Forgotten Bank Accounts?


It might seem a surprise but around £15 billion are kept in bank accounts, life insurances and other commodities in the UK unclaimed. Most of these bank accounts belong to people who were supposed to inherit it but were unaware of its whereabouts, people who deceased without leaving back a will, or people who conveniently forgot about their bank accounts.

These accounts may belong to you somebody you may know or a deceased relative of mine. If it’s the former or the latter, you may be a in for an unexpected cash windfall. How do you find and reclaim lost bank accounts? This article takes a look.

Is there a way to know you have lost an asset?

Considering it’s called a lost bank account, you are not expected to have knowledge of the lost asset. Banks can declare bank accounts dormant, when they are unable to reach you on your last known address. It is best if you are able to contact the bank and inform them about your whereabouts before your bank account is declared dormant.

Since it’s your old bank account, there is no need to pay any new fees to reclaim what is rightfully yours in the first place. Banks can help you search bank accounts, there are also other financial institutions that can help people find their lost investments, etc.

How to Find It?

It may seem a daunting task, but finding bank accounts is not that difficult. The only thing that is needed to make the whole thing work is perseverance. Different bank accounts can be relocated differently. If this sounds complex, there is another, easier way to find bank accounts that have been lost. The “My Lost Account” portal from the British Banker’s Association, the National Savings and Investments and the Building Societies Association can help you search for your lost bank accounts.

This portal has been designed after the three organizations decided to combine their lost account portals to make one effective portal. It is estimated that the portal holds £850 million in lost assets, so it may worth the try to find out if yours is part of this lost account treasury.

Is my Deceased Relative’s Account mine?

The account isn’t yours, but yes it can be claimed. The above bank account search not only helps you search for your accounts, it also helps you search for those that are of a deceased person. When making the search, the portal does at one point ask the user whether the search is for their account or someone else’s.

Irrespective of whom the account belongs, the people running the portal will contact you to confirm your identity. The process of finding bank accounts is different from one case to another. Not all portal work exactly the same way and bigger reclaims will typically take longer than other claims of smaller nature.

You can also claim a deceased relative’s account before it gets lost as long as you have the proper account details.

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The 5 Cs Mortgage Lenders Look at


A mortgage is a form of loan which is especially given for buying properties such as houses and apartments. Mortgage lenders are in fact large credit providers and therefore they follow the famous five Cs of giving credit to the deserving borrowers. These five Cs represent important concepts and they allow lenders to obtain useful information about borrowers. Here, we discuss these important credit points in greater detail.

1.     Character

Character is the first C and represents an important concept about lending. It refers to the record of a borrower in terms of his previous attempts at repaying the loans on time. This simply means the credit history. Character is drawn from information about bankruptcies and loan judgments. Lenders often employ this information to find if a borrower is worthy of the credit he is asking for in terms of a mortgage. Sometimes, they offer a special deal to the borrower because of obtaining information that describes an excellent character.

Credit scoring for finding the character is often based on intuition. There is no blacklisting scenario in the UK, but many people can often feel that way that have bad loan histories. It is all but natural by banks to hesitate in giving a loan to a person who fails to pay it off in time.

2.     Capacity

Capacity refers to the returning ability of a borrower. It describes if a borrower is able to pay a certain amount of tax and loan instalment with his current income. Usually, lenders employ debt to income ratio which must be as small as possible. Mortgage lenders also look at the current job of a borrower as well as the chances of success in the present situation. This means that people with volatile jobs will find it difficult to obtain a mortgage loan.

3.     Capital

Capital is extremely important for credit providers. The buying of a property can also be termed as a potential investment. The down payment on the loan is considered as the capital here in the case of a mortgage loan. This means people who are willing to pay more money as a down payment have got more chance to receive a mortgage loan. There are many housing societies and banks which require a minimum down payment option when asking for a mortgage.

Larger down payments show that the borrower is serious about buying a particular house and willing to put all of the saving on the line. A borrower may also get a loan with a lower interest rate if he puts up a required down payment asked by a mortgage lender.

4.     Collateral

Collateral refers to any physical entity which secures a loan. All secured loans are given against collateral. This means that mortgage loans are simply secured loans which use the house being bought as the collateral security. The mortgage lender can always sell the house to get the money back in case the borrower fails to pay back the loan.

5.     Conditions

The last C represents conditions. They simply describe the finer details of a mortgage loan, such as the principal amount, as well as the applied rate of interest. The conditions also include the intent of the borrower. Lenders like to give loans where they are clear about their use. This means that it is easier to get a car loan or a mortgage loan when compared to a personal loan.

These are the five Cs that are important for credit providers such as mortgage lenders.

Why Should You Invest in Gold?


Citizens of UK are having trouble with the rapidly declining value of pound. With their economic future uncertain in the face of Brexit , people are now investing and hedging in gold. They can invest in this tangible asset in four ways: physical gold, jewellery, exchange-trade funds, and gold mutual funds. Investing in any of these gold schemes gives you the safety net, which a cash bank account does not. Below are the reasons why should invest in gold:

Direct Ownership Gives You the Opportunity to Get Cash Immediately

In London, the premium on gold has barely changed in the past several years. When we talk about physical gold, we are referring to gold coins and bars. The premium on a coin depends on its weight as well as its quality. The premium on gold bars is significantly lower than that on a coin. Big gold bars have low premium as compared to small gold bars. The premium on a gold coin depends on its gold content rather than its rarity. Though owning big gold bars do not give you the flexibility of quick liquid cash, it is still considered one of the best investments in direct ownership.

Easy to Sell

As compared to gold coins and bars, jewellery is much easier to sell. The price of the jewellery also depends on its design too. Newly designed jewellery will give you more cash than high carat jewellery. However, in most countries, jewellery price is based on its carat.

Safer Than Stock Market

Just like the stock market, an exchange trade fund allows you to trade your gold in the market. The reason you should go for this is because the gold in your possession legally belongs to you and has less risks from other parties. There is no insurance or storage cost and you can start trading whenever the gold price reaches its peak.

You Get a Better Bargain than Stock Market

Gold mutual fund gives the investor the opportunity to invest directly in the gold stocks that are the mining companies. These companies oversee investments of gold that are to be made in equities or bullions. A gold mutual fund also gives you a diverse portfolio as compared to investing in a single stock. Investors do not need to keep track of the changing rates. All they need to do is invest in their preferred mining company and the fund manager monitors the gold’s movement.

Gold Will Never Lose Its Value

For centuries, gold has been the center of attention and still is. No matter what country you are in, your gold investment will pay you more than you expected. With gold, you have the opportunity to hold it physically in case the stock market crashes. Investing in physical gold comes with a huge responsibility. Even though you do not need to worry about the gold market, you need to take a decision where to store it safely. Bottom line is, owning gold will give you that powerful feeling that you are making your future financially secure.

Danbury for better or worse


Hi and welcome to my blog. My name is Dave and I love to write. I’m a writer by trade… but I want an outlet that allowed me the freedom to write what ever I want. So here it is, you’re reading it.

I live in Danbury, Connecticut… and if you’ve ever been here you’ll know that the weather can be kinda crazy. In the summer it is hot as hell. In the winter… you can’t move for snow! You either love it or  hate it. For me, it’s a pain in the butt as the snow in the winter never fails to catch me out. On the plus side, I get the odd day off of work… which is kinda bitter sweet as I’m usually stuck in my house.

So, I’m not about to talk to you about the weather for the rest of the blog. Let’s switch it up a little. So, Danbury facts! It’s a pretty small place… only either thousand people live there. It’s also pretty small by area being circa 40 square kilometers. It was settled in the late 1600s… making it one o the original settlements. During the revolutions, Danbury was an important arms store/weapons depot. In the early 1700s a ha factory was built, which was the basis for the economy for almost sixty years.

Cartus is one of the main employers in the area. They specialist in real estate and relocating people around the world. This organization was established in 1955 and is one of the leaders in its industry. I’ve been to their headquarters… it’s quite an impressive building. I have a few friends who work there… apparently its not a good company to work for, which kinda makes sense because everyone looks miserable in that place.

Boehringer-Ingelheim is another major employer in the city. This company is a pharmaceutical company… which makes them I little more boring than Cartus… but not much. They’re a very community focused organization though, as their employees are always doing charity work in the community, which is a good thing.
Bilogo new.jpg
Every year there is an annual Danbury fate. The locals make their own food and treats and everyone goes down to eat. It’s a really nice atmosphere and we often get a local band to put on a show. There’s also magicians and other children entertainers… so it’s good for families as well as singles and couples. If you’re in the area at the time, you should really check it out!